As we know, the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May this year, and it is understood that companies will no longer be able to easily collect data about people without their consent and special permits, as well as visiting people at a sporting event, concert and other public places will not be able to simply put their own photos of others without their permission , as several news portals suggest, the new regulation should not affect the placement of images on news portals for journalists.



News portals say that just over 5% of small and medium-sized businesses consult with business development consultants about the development and growth of a particular company. At the same time, more than 80% of entrepreneurs want to receive professional business advice for the development of their business, and more than 40% of entrepreneurs want to get ready-made examples and advice on a successful business case and how this business was created.


GDPR Audits 

According to news portals, serious GDPR data protection checks have begun in Germany, which only means that very serious inspections will soon begin in Latvia, which small and medium-sized businesses do not harbor, the German news portal says that Audit can be launched at random by sending sites where to fill in a  with questions related to data protection issues such as how was the company prepared by GDPR? How were the processing registers prepared and how will they be saved? What are the legal bases for processing personal data? How are data subject rights handled? What are the technical and organizational measures? What template data processing agreements are used? And so on. When sending a response audit, they check that the information received from the particular company is verified on the spot. 

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